3. Useful links

This section provides links to a range of relevant academic, Government and commercial web sites providing data, reports and studies on aspects of the Scottish economy.

Business surveys
Economic data (Scotland)
Economic data (UK)
  • National Statistics Release dates, latest and further information, guides covering: prices and inflation; labour market; National accounts and economic activity; Balance of payments and Trade; and short term indicators.
  • H M Treasury GDP deflators, latest economic indicators, forecasts for the Uk economy, National statistics, statistics on public finance and spending.
  • Bank of England Inflation Report, Quarterly Bulletin, Annual Report, Bank Rate decisions and minutes.
Economic data (international)


The following web sites are the main portals (in English) to the national statistics of the main European and international economies. Data on a wide range of economic, financial, labour and production issues can be accessed.

Some of this data is summarised in Eurostat economic indicators, see selected Principal European Economic Indicators (also note the downloadable monthly data for short term economic analysis).

Government data
Media and newspapers
Industry data (Government sources)
Energy data
Labour market data

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